Commercial Capture

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The Citizens Bank of Georgia is excited to introduce the latest technology in check depositing, Commercial Capture.

Commercial Capture allows electronic depositing of checks by utilizing a desktop scanner which is connected to a PC and the Internet. Users scan checks at the business location and electronically transmit the data to our bank for processing.

The process works in three simple steps:

  • SCAN- The scanner captures the front and back of each check, the MICR information along the bottom of each check, and the dollar amounts.
  • BALANCE- Checks are totaled, balanced, and an electronic deposit ticket is prepared for approval.
  • TRANSMIT- All check images are securely sent to our processing center electronically, and deposited into the appropriate accounts.

Key Features

  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Automatic reading of majority of checks with state of the art recognition technology
  • Streamlined workflow processes
  • Ability to add fields for each image for accounts receivable functions
  • Software reviews all deposits for possible duplicate images

Key Benefits

  • Convenience - Prepare and submit deposits directly from any business location. Make deposits when it is most convenient for you- evenings, weekends, even holidays.
  • Minimize Fraud and Improve Cash Flow- By depositing checks faster the collection of the funds takes place sooner.
  • Increase Efficiency- Reduce the amount of time spent in preparing deposits and rushing to the bank before closing time.
  • Reduce Costs- Eliminate employee trips to the bank; consolidate multiple banking relationships to reduce fees.
  • Secure - We use the highest level of security available to encrypt images for safe transmission.

Please contact your local branch or your account officer for a demonstration today. We would like the opportunity to introduce you to Community Banking at its Best!

The Citizens Bank of Georgia