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The Citizens Bank of Georgia will never contact you by email, phone or text requesting information about your account. It has been brought to our attention that some customers have received emails, phone calls and text messages asking for their information to be verified by going to a website for validation or giving a debit card number over the phone. Please do not respond to these requests. If you are unsure of the validity of any communication please feel free to call us at 770-886-9500.

Red Flags of Identity Theft:

  • mistakes on your bank, credit card, or other account statements
  • mistakes on the explanation of medical benefits from your health plan
  • your regular bills and account statements don’t arrive on time
  • bills or collection notices for products or services you never received
  • calls from debt collectors about debts that don’t belong to you
  • a notice from the IRS that someone used your Social Security number
  • mail, email, or calls about accounts or jobs in your minor child’s name
  • unwarranted collection notices on your credit report
  • businesses turn down your checks
  • you are turned down unexpectedly for a loan or job

What to do if your identity is stolen: