Wiring Funds

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The Citizens Bank of Georgia Wiring Instructions


When entering the wiring instructions into your system, you MUST include ALL 3 sections of information for the wire to arrive into our account. You may need to list your beneficiary account information (3rd section) in the “notes” or “further instructions” section in your system.

The second entity in the wire instructions does NOT use an ABA/Routing number, and you MUST use the account number as shown.

The wire cutoff time is 2:00 pm daily, if a wire arrives after that time it will credit the customer’s account the NEXT business day.

The SWIFT code needed for International Wires is CSBKUS33.

If you have any questions/concerns about the proper entry of the wiring instructions into your system, please call our bank directly at (770) 886-9500.


Wiring Instructions
1. Receiving Financial Institution:
CenterState Bank of Florida, N.A.
400 Interstate North Pkwy
Suite 1200      
Atlanta, GA 30339      
ABA: 0631-1673-7
2. Beneficiary Financial Institution:
The Citizens Bank of Georgia
651 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Cumming, GA 30040
Account: 80011641
3. For Final Credit to:
Customer Account Name
Customer Account Number